How to Promote YouTube Channel on Social Media

How to Promote YouTube Channel on Social Media

Social media is a platform which connects all the people under one roof. Some one’s ability from Canada can be appreciated by an Indian by looking at his uploaded video on social media. This must have been looking like a miracle, if we tall about 30 years back. But it’s a reality now. Even what you are eating is now visible for everyone in this world from all corners.

Why not use this platform for the publicity of your talent? God have put some unique talent in everyone, some people sings well so some dances well. Such creative people put their singing and dancing videos over the internet and create a channel on YouTube.

You can do a small survey over social media to see, what age group you want to target, what is the taste of your targeted viewers. Like, if you are a dancer, then you can target teenagers and you can be their dance mentor. Similarly, if you run a channel for cookery classes, then you should target house wives.

Now, the question is how people will come to know about your channel. Yes, social media, let social media to promote your channel. How? Not a rocket science, just follow below pointers and you are good to go.

  1. Put some attractive statements/posts on social media walls to give your viewers a reason to subscribe your channel.
  2. Give direct link on social media, once the viewer clicks on it, it takes to the YouTube channel.
  3. Be a blogger too and say something about your passion, this way you will win bloggers to subscribe your video.
  4. Ask open ended questions from your viewers about your performance, if they response positive then encourage them to share your channel through their wall posts.
  5. Do some Twitter chats and share your thoughts related to your channel.
  6. Extend your search criteria by using hashtags.

All you need to do is, to check the community and followers related to your channel, reach them through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. and highlight your work. This well directly help you to subscribe more viewers.

Remember, always respond to your viewer’s questions positively and accept the criticizing. If you are good at your work, then people may elaborate with your nature and if you perform all round good then same people will share your channel details in their own social media accounts.

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