How to Increase Domain Authority Your Website

How to Increase Domain Authority your Website.

Before answering this questions lets quickly understand what is Domain Authority- Domain Authority is a numerical stat that indicates the authority of your website. The higher your domain authority is, the greater your website chances to come over and above and hits maximum traffic.

The DA ranks vary in the range of 0-100. The idea for developing the range was to understand likes of people related to their searched websites, same measurement tool was developed by one of the Google’s founder and even as of today same way of measurement is getting used.

Considering few factors, will straightaway help in increasing your DA.

A fair profile

Your link profile should be crystal & clear in terms of receiving inputs from some genuine websites and of course not at all from bad websites throwing suspicious contents.

Post SEO Framing

Now, let’s talk about content framing, make sure your wordings of website contents are at right place. SEO optimization should apply every day to ensure proper using of heading, images and videos and optimized, some key words to set and shuffle time to time, adding some internal links to increase the chance of traffic.

A quality of content will really increase the chance of high ranking; people look for the sites which give the correct answers of their queries. So, a web site should simpler and not to be filled with more complexities.

Pre SEO fixing in technical norms

This is some things related to opening work in your web site, once you fix it at the beginning, then it will remain same for life of a site. You can register your website with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tools. You can further add structured data information to help search engines understand the framework of your content

Any Device access (Mobiles)

In modern world, people access the websites less from computers or laptops and more in to their mobile devices. So, make sure you create your website which is mobile user friendly too. And shows all data base if getting opened on mobile.

If your website is not mobile friendly then, it will make a direct impact on your Domain authority score. As per latest survey now 60 % of websites and being opened on mobile devices.


Make sure, your website sustains a good speed while exploring, bad speed will make user jump on to some other web site which has higher speed and quick accesses. You can remove some unnecessary plugins, always upgraded with latest versions, keep on optimizing the file sizes.

Applying above efforts will ensure that, you are at the top with gaining maximum DA score.

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