What Is Influencer Marketing and How Can It Help Your Brand?

What Is Influencer Marketing and How Can It Help Your Brand?

A very interesting topic to discuss and explain you in all sides. However, before we explain, let’s first understand what is influencer marketing- Yes of course as it echoes itself. To promote your brand/product, you get an influential person who shares his real experience may be directly in front of many people or through a personal video.

In our life, we always make one any person as our mentor, and listens to his guidance because we have a faith on him. Same way, if an influencer speaks with public about some brand then public will reply on him rather relying on general celebrity TV ads. That is why this new trend of advertising is getting famous day by day.

In this marketing, a real time test gets applied, with brand’s product result. Same can be telecasted live for all the viewers sitting at home. This will make judgmental survey for people to decide if they should really for this brand or not.

Trustworthy Brand

Influencers generally have a very fair image amongst people, so rather following any big celebrity, public have now started showing interest on these influencers. Which resulting into genuine brands are getting more popular and brand value is getting increased.

You visit in some malls and there you find a real time taste test of a new product, you taste the product and gives your comment in review register. That review register gets published over the internet where many other people see the reviews and if in those reviews if one review is included of a known face, then that means that person was not promoting ad for that brand but was actually sharing his experience.

Public will appreciate that known face’s review rather if he/she had done the ad by accepting money from the company.

Modes of Influencer Marketing

  1. Events
  2. Online reviews
  3. During window shopping in some mall
  4. Special competition tests

These modes can be useful to make a judgmental call from an Influencer perspective, and people will go for such brands and brand’s brand value will be increased without paying high fees to a celebrity to come and do the ad for their products.

Hence its proved that, this Influencer Marketing way is cheaper than any other expensive modes, because this can be done through social platforms as well where a targeted audience can see the comments given by many influencers.

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