What is Contextual Advertising and How It Works?

What is Contextual Advertising and How It Works?

Contextual advertising is a form of bridging advertising for a particular content to landed in to a similar field’s product. For example, if you visit a website of sports, and in the same website you find an ad link related to sports shoes, then this will have called us Contextual advertising.

How it works

A contextual advertising, works on a key word principal, which scans the key word from the website, picks the relevant ads and sticks the same on website. The same advertisements may be showing on the webpage or as popping up with some ad link.

Some time is works in a way to show relevant advertisements on their search results based on the keywords in the user’s typo.

For example, if you want to go Jaipur for a vacation and you put the keyword, Jaipur vacation, a pop up for Jaipur hotels will be showing on your screen which is nothing but a contextual advertising of a probably similar choice or interest.

Most of the users show no interest in such pop up ads, because they find it some online spam, hence they close it. The moment they close it, one other ad comes related to similar requirement. But if you don’t click on it then you are not viewing it. It means these type of ads is not force fully available for you to see, like TV ads. TV ads you must watch and can’t control, unless you change the TV channel but contextual ads you can ignore by not clicking on it.

In modern world, the digital marketing has grown up so rapidly so the context ads too. Contextual advertising has played a great role on earnings of many websites. Because here, you refer the link onto similar choice of websites. People once go and check for the sake of relevant details, and the moment you click on it, it gives money to the website owner. A large part of Google’s earnings is from its share of the contextual advertisements served on the millions of webpages.

Moreover, it’s a cheaper way of advertising your product. You really don’t need to pay higher amount to shoot your ad, then pay to ad agency, of course to production company making your ad, may be celebrity fees. This all can be avoided to op contextual ad options. Sometimes you can create hyperlinking with many big sites to pop up your ad on big platforms.

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